About Us

John Anderson

John Anderson, M.A., has co-owned Domus Felicitas since 2004, when he became President Emeritus of Biosis, a not for profit corporation that managed the world’s largest data base in biology and published Biological Abstracts, the academic collection of data in biological sciences. A Renaissance man, John has been instrumental in establishing major databases in the Biological Sciences in his earlier career at The National Library of Medicine. A talented builder, John has redesigned parts of the properties that are rented and sold at Domus Felicitas. A retired businessman, John enjoys being actively involved in the maintenance of the properties we own. John enjoys his family, boating, wry humor, and Civil War history.

Judith Coche Anderson, Ph.D.

Dr. Judith Coche has long owned The Coche Center, LLC (www.cochecenter.com), and a Practice in Clinical Psychology in Center City, Philadelphia and Stone Harbor, New Jersey. An interpersonal architect, she helps clients design the space between them so that it works better. Her career spans media work, graduate teaching and authorship in both academic and general publications. Find her blog, No Ordinary Life, on Psychology Today (www.psychologytoday.com/blog/no-ordinary-life) She has long maintained a career in real estate through ownership of 2037 Delancey Place, where she supervised maintenance of a 7000 square foot apartment building. She enjoys co-ownership of Domus Felicitas and all properties owned by this business. Judith enjoys her family, wry humor, swimming, biking, and creative writing.

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